Trying and Drinking Georgian Wine

Trying and Drinking Georgian Wine

You may not know anything about wines from Georgia.  You may have heard about the wine, but what you have heard isn't that promising.  You may have tried Georgian wines, and weren't impressed.  You may have been introduced to Georgian wines because you're into natural wines, and Georgian natural wines are as natural as wine gets.  You may be into Georgian wines, perhaps because you or your family is from the crossroads of Europe and Asia, from the Caucasus, from Russia or other Soviet states, or you're from Georgia. 


In those cases, you know.  For the Naties, you know Georgian wine is the 

and you have been advised that to experience true natural wines, you need to experience wines made in traditional, 8000 year old methods, in Qvevri (pronounced Ka-Vev-Ree) where the vineyard is managed the way it was 

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