Our Mission is to Deliver high quality Georgian Wines to the US, Tailored to US and Wine "Explorer" Palates

We import and sell only the best wines from Georgia and the Caucasus. We provide wines that are unique and different, both for appeal to consumers looking for wines not too far from what they are used to and also to "Explorers" who are willing to venture farther, in all cases to find Georgian wines exceptionally intriguing and satisfying.

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Foremost, It's about the Wine

We are delivering distinctive quality wines tailored to the palates and interests of Western US and wine "Explorers". Natural wines, Raw wines, healthy wines, sustainable wines. Our primary mission is to offer dependable supply from highly reputed, extraordinary Georgian wineries, with emphasis on NATURAL, Bio-dynamic, Eco-friendly, Organic and Healthy (no additives, natural yeasts, miminal sulfites) and sustainable practices, including enabling entreprenuership and social justice for Georgian stakeholders.

Secondly, It's about the People, Our partners and great friends

We are bringing the history, stories, culture and winemaking traditions to the US to contribute to advancing, educating and introducing Georgian wines and winemaking to the west. We are committed to our Georgian partners' and their employees' economic opportunities, and improving the democratic and economic success of Georgia. We are promoting the Women in Wine Industry Georgia association as an important part of our portfolio, to help develop the emerging talent rising out of a repressive and limiting history. We are also working closely with the Natural Wine Association of Georgia to promote winemakers committed to natural, sustainable practices.

Lastly, It's about the Opportunity

We believe that Georgia, the Caucasus, and the people of Georgia have a future that is bright and prosperous based on putting this winemaking region on the world map, exposing a culture that has been sheltered from the west, and bringing these uniquie and exciting wines to wine lovers who are interested in exploring new tastes and characteristics. Our opportunity is to provide information, insights, and easy access to our wines through social and digital marketing, great distributor, retail and restaurant/wine bar partnerships and Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) sales.