Our wines are a carefully curated selection of the finest natural and low intervention Georgian wines at accessible prices.

We work with master women and men winemakers, estate vineyards and a range of independent wineries including some of Georgia’s most famed boutique wine-estate/lodges. They craft their wines using both ancient and modern winemaking knowledge and techniques to bring you an array of tastes and flavors for you to explore and enjoy.

Red Wine

The leading red variety, Saperavi, is indigenous to Georgia. Saperavi means “place of color”.

This is one of the few red grape varietals where both skin and flesh are red – ‘teinturier’. This results in wines that are opaque and have a deep, inky color.

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White Wine

Our white wines represent a cross-section of indigenous varietals, including; Kisi, Mtsvane, Rkatsiteli, Khikvi, Tsolikouri and Chkhaveri.

The color of Georgian white wines is broader than found in America or Europe. Georgian white wines range from those that are lighter in color all the way to a bolder amber.

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Amber Wine

Amber wines, with their distinct color, are the result of ancient Georgian winemaking techniques.

Amber wines are often referred to as ‘orange wines’, however this imposes limits on aromas, flavors and even the color spectrum. Georgian ambers are made from white varietals using ‘skin contact’ methods. Amber wines have exceptional taste profiles, depth and complexity. Many say Amber wines are between a red and a white, or a ‘white that drinks like a red’.

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Pét-Nat Sparkling Wine

Pét-Nats are known as “rustic” sparkling wines. Pet-Nat winemaking is a natural winemaking technique, which means the wine remains in its unaltered form and looks cloudy relative to traditional sparkling wines.

Pét-Nat Sparkling Wines are delicate and bright, subtle, aromatic and refreshing. They retain much more of the source grape aromatics and flavor than other sparkling wines.

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