Explore The Undiscovered World of

Georgian Wines

We will be your guide through the world’s most ancient yet innovative wine producing country. We will demystify Georgia’s unique varietals so you can enjoy their hidden treasures.

What makes Georgian and its Wines so intriguing?

It's about old traditions and cultures, evolving to the new world, it's about a new generation embracing the possibilities of sustainability, natural viniculture/viticulture, bringing a place once isolated to the world.

  1. Unique Varietals provide a new frontier of wine tastes.
  2. Qvevri (pronounced Quev-ree), wine fermentation and storage in clay vessels buried underground enables unique expression of terroir.
  3. Natural, sustainable, bio-dynamic viticulture allows for consistent quality and shelf life without added chemicals, yeasts, sulfites or sugars.
  4. Transparency – the ingredient list is what is on the grape when it is hand picked!
  5. Health - No Hangovers – sulfite levels are naturally low with no added or limited natural sulfites. Less carbs, sugars, gluten-free naturally – perfect for a healthier lifestyle.
  6. The Land - Caucasus Mountains, Black Sea and river valleys may be the most perfect winegrowing region in the world – plenty of clean water and air here.
  7. The People, Culture and History – Try the wine and you’ll start to be drawn into the intrigue and allure of this fascinating country.

Natural and Sustainable Wines Crafted

By Independently Owned Wineries

Georgian winemaking has long been focused on natural, low intervention and sustainable farming and winemaking techniques. Our winemakers are experts in their field. Our curated selection of Georgian wines includes only the finest natural wines crafted using both traditional Georgian winemaking methods and modern low intervention winemaking methods.

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Our Purpose

Popularize Georgian Wineries & Their Wines To Further Economic Independence

Georgia is the birthplace of wine, yet it remains undiscovered by most. Our purpose is to shine a light on the country of Georgia, its independent winemakers and the delicious wines they craft. In doing so, we also further the country’s economic and democratic independence.

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Georgian Winemaking Culture

The culture of winemaking in Georgia is as ancient as the land itself. Georgians have been making wine for over 8000 years. The unique tastes and characteristics of Georgia’s indigenous varietals are waiting for you to discover.

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