So, How to Explore Georgian Wines?

It depends on your perspective.

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Who, Who Are You?

You Know and Love Georgian Wines

Maybe you've been to Georgia, or want to go so much. Maybe you have ties to Eastern Europe and the crossroads of Europe and Asia. Maybe you you have come to love Georgian wines, but find them inconsistent. You know there are good wines in Georgia, but you may also know there are a lot of family and amateur wines, on low quality industrial wines from the Soviet era. Maybe you want to try the BEST wines from the leading wineries of Georgia. THAT IS OUR PROMISE TO YOU, ONLY THE BEST, NATURAL, HEALTHY WINES FROM LEADING, EXPERT WINEMAKERS!

You've Tried Some: Too Sweet, Too Funky, Soviet Swill, WTF?

Unfortunately, there are a lot people who have never heard of Georgian wines. Many Americans assume wines from Georgia must be from near Atlanta. Here are a couple of secrets: Georgia is a country in the crossroads of Asia and Europe, with ideal climate for winemaking, surrounded by the Black Sea and the Caucasus Mountains, steaped in wine culture, and making fantanstic wines. And most westerners, especially Americans, no nothing about these amazing wines. That's our mission! To change that.

Your're an Explorer, and Intrigued!

You don't want to drink the same thing, or wine, each time. You want to venture out, try new things, explore new frontiers, stake your claim on learning about new places, peoples, cultures, food and WINE! If you've never heard of wine from Georgia (the Country!), you might assume it's from a place where great wine couldn't possible exist. You're wrong. Georgian wine is getting more and more attention, along with Natural winemaking, but it's still largely unknown because of Georgia's Soviet-era repression and isolation from the western world. That's all changing!

Why Am I here? I'm looking for interesting and Natural, Healthful wine at reasonable prices

Our Georgian wines are natural, eco-friendly production, sustainable and bio-dynamic farming, hand made employeeing people who are often family related and love winemaking. An abundance of water, perfect soils, microclimates ideally suited to native grapes, means we can import and sell direct with limited mark-up. We pay our wineries fairly and ensure they treat their employees (and family) fairly. Most importantly, you will find our wines priced much lower than comparable wines from the western leading regions.

Daria Kholodilina Discusses How to Try Georgian Wines

Which Georgian wine to pick if you have no idea about the uniqueness of the wines. Here are simple tips from Daria, Georgian Wine Tour Organizer and advocate for Georgian Wine.