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How We Select Our Wines and Winemakers

How We Select Our Wines and Partners

Georgian Wine Group

Vazisubani Estate

Vazisubani Estate is located in Kakheti, Georgia's formost wine region. Georgian indigeonous grape varieties are cultivated on 36 hectares with many hectares available for future expansion. The restored palace and cellar of Sulkhan Chavchavadze, with a unique century-old garden, is located amount the vineyards and is a renowned destination for history, wine and adventure tourism.

Vazisubani Estate Website

Georgian Sun

Georgian Sun is a wine brand born in the sun-drenched and most prosperous region of Georgia - Kakheti, from the surrounding vineyards of the village Vazisubani. The phenomon of the Sun has long been an integral part of Georgian culture. It's symbol in the ancient Georgian "Asomtavruli" script can be found in the form of one of the seven ideograms.


Winiveria - Region: Kakheti, Location: Telavi

Winiveria Winery was established by George Piridashvili in 2005 and is focused on producing high-quality wines using both traditional Kakhetian techniques in Qvevri, as well as by classic European techniques. The company collaborates with local wine growers and leverages a cooperative to develop consistent, high quality, scalable winemaking. Winiveria vintages are distinguished by their quality and by packaging in unique engraved bottles. The objective of the Company is to promote fine wine produced from local Georgian grapes and boost the reputation of Georgian wine on the international market.

Winiveria Website

Chateau Mere - Region: Kakheti, Location Telavi

The winery is a renowned wine tourism destination, “Chateau Mere”, that serves as a centerpiece for the most prolific wine growing Alazani Valley region. Chateau Mere also features an impressive wine production and degustation cellar (Marani) with several large hundred-year-old clay vessels (Qvevri) for wine fermentation/aging. The Winery has a 300,000-bottle wine production capacity and is also equipped with modern Italian equipment for the processing of grapes, and wine storage tanks for classic European aging as well as traditional Georgian qvevri aging.

Gurashvili's Family Vineyards

Gurashvili produces high quality orange or amber colored wines and Saperavi's. The vineyards of Gurashvili are located in the village of Tibaani in the Sighnaghi district. This vineyard is located next to a forest on a rolling slope with a very fertile and vibrant soil. The taste of these wines are soft and very pronounced.

Anapea Village - Qarvani

Qarvani Anapea Village - Region: Kakheti, Location: Hereti

Anapea Village produces exclusively using qvevri technology from 7 Georgian indigenous varieties (Saperavi, Rkatsiteli, KakhuriMtsvane( KakhetianGreen), Khikhvi, RkatsiteliVardiperi(Pink Rkatsiteli) and KakhetianMtsvivana).A side from these core varieties, there is a vineyard adjacent of 32 rare varieties for producing small amounts of wine for research and development.Each of them originates exclusively from Eastern Georgia (Kakheti and Heretir egions). Founded by Khatia Darguashviliand her husband Gocha, Qarvani is the first Ghvinos Wines portfolio member of our Natural Wines and also the first of our emphasis on bringing wines produced by the Women of Georgia in Winemaking. Khatia and Gocha started Anapea Village as a “wine village-museum”, a true Kakhetian village with its houses, cellar, vineyards and indigenous varieties all based on cultural and historic values, including emphasis in natural, organic, and sustainability production traditions.

Qarvani Anapea Village Website