Georgian Winemaking

Let Us Explain How Our Georgian Wine is Made Differently from Conventional Wisdom

Wine is made in the Country of Georgia the way it was made 8000 years ago; naturally, in the ground, no additives, bio-dynamic before bio-dynamic and sustainable farming were cool. "Traditional methods" may sound "old school" but let us show you how "old school" equals great, natural, eco-friendly winemaking.

Explore Natural and Low Intervention Winemaking

Georgia's 8,000 Year Old Winemaking

Centuries of Natural Winemaking, Modern Sustainable and Naturally Healthful Wines

What's Unique and Different About Georgian Winemaking


Vessels dating back thousands of years, shaped expressly for wine fermentation and storage and buried underground for consistent temperature in fermentation and aging.

Over 500 Grapes Indigenous to Georgia

In total there are 525 known endemic grape varieties in Georgia. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that they were not imported but have always grown in Georgia, first in the wild and then on cultivated lands, thus giving shape to unique and time-honored wine making processes through centuries of Georgian wine history.

Transparency in Ingredients, vineyard management and winemaking

Our wines are selected and produced with exacting standards that are committed to sustainable farming, bio-dynamic vineyard management, quality control across picking, pressing, fermentation, aging and bottling that ensure every ingredient and intervention is managed and recorded.

Naturally Healthy and Eco-friendly Winemaking

The result of our standards of practice for our winemakers is natural, healthy, consistent, sustainable and eco-friendly winemaking and importation to the United States.