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Gurashvili's Saperavi Qvevri 2018

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Qvevri fermentation gives it a deep and full tannin taste and structure.  Pure expression of Saperavi with aromas of blackberry, cherry, mocha and spice.  Juicy tannins and well-balanced acidity provide ripe fruit flavors.  Color of pomegranate.  Dense body with nice lengthy finish.  Highly rated reviews and excellent pairing with rich meals.

Serve at 18-20°C (64-68°F)

Qvevri fermented on skins and stems 6 months, then stainless steel for  24 months


No preservatives

Technical Details
Vineyard Notes


Gurashvili’s is a family winery, carrying on knowledge from many generations using traditional Georgian methods using skin contact in qvevri, the uniquely Georgian large subterranean clay vessel for production.

Production Notes


Following hand harvest in September, grapes are crushed and pressed off into qvevri – clay vessels using time honored traditional Kakhetian techniques. The fermentation process takes 1-2 weeks afterwhich the wine remains in qvevri on skins for a month, producing intense dark red distinctive saperavi wine with full tannin taste and structure.

Product Notes


The saperavi grapes for this wine were grown in the family vineyard within the famed Kakheti region of Georgia. Vines are grown organically at 1300-1650feet (400-500m) elevation adjacent to a forest on a rolling slope with fertile rich black soil.

Saperavi (‘saw-per-ah-vee’) is Georgia’s most planted and cherished red grape and is an ancient indigenous variety. One of the few teinturier (red skin and flesh) varieties, it is blessed with both high tannin and acidity, and is used to make a wide range of classic Georgian red wines.

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