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Iberieli Golden Blend 2021

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Iberieli Golden Blend 2021, Rkatsiteli(25%) Mtsvane(25%) Kisi(25%) Khikhvi(25%) Dry Amber, Qvevri, ABV 14%, 750ml

This wine combines four classic Georgian varietals of the Kakheti region of East Georgia, on the sandy clay slopes of the Teliani appellation. Using organic viticulture and traditional qvevri winemaking, winemaker Zurab Topurirdze has created a classic dry, golden amber blend. The blend has moderate intensity, and aromas of caramel, tangerine, quince and flowers. This leads to taste of citrus, including tangerine, with a long finish and strong minerality.

Serve cool, not chilled, by the glass or pair with cheese, salads, and light meats. 

Technical Details
Tasting Notes

 Taste of citruses, tangerine long finish, minerality

Winemaker Notes



Vineyard Notes

Trellis, vertical shoot positioning, grown mainly on bilateral cordons or arched canes.
Slope-facing to south-east

Food Pairing

light cheese, Khachapuri, fried chicken, beef.

Production Notes

Organic fertilization.
Copper based contact fungicides and biological fungicides and insecticides (e.g. Bacillus Subtrillis);
Irrigation only if draught.

Skin contact for 7 months in qvevri, natural malolactic fermentation

    Iberieli Golden Blend 2021
    Iberieli Golden Blend 2021
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