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Royal Khvanchkara - Khvanchkara - Red Semi-sweet 2018

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Royal Khvanchkara - Khvanchkara - Red Semi-sweet (Alexandrouli & Mujeruli Blend) 2018 ABV 12.0%

Khvanchkara wine is a semi-sweet red wine that originates from the region of
Racha in Georgia. It is made from the unique indigenous grape varieties
Aleksandrouli and Mujuretuli. This wine is known for its distinctive flavor
profile, delivering clean, spicy fruit and delicate tannins complemented by
subtle oak tones. Best served chilled with soft cheeses, desserts and spicy
fare.. Prime vineyards, traditional and well-adopted viticulture practices,
sophisticated production technology combine to create the masterpieces that
‘Royal Khvanchkara’ produces.

About the Winery

Royal Khvanchkara Winery is located in Ambrolauri, in the heart of the exceptionally beautiful mountainous Racha Region. The winery itself has a long history of being the premier producer of the famed and cherished wines from this region for well over a century. The facility had suffered decline during the Soviet era, was purchased by the current owners, underwent extensive restoration and modernization keeping its grand architecture and heritage. It is a popular destination stop for visitors to the region.

Winemaker Notes

Harvest is decided when the grapes are fully responding to the final wine style requirements. That implies varietal aroma expression besides softened mature tannins and a slight over-maturation to have grapes capable of delivering wine with naturally occurring residual sweetness. Crushing and destemming of grapes is followed by fermentation of the must at 64-72F. When the structure of the intended wine is achieved, fermentation is chilled (stopped) and the wine is separated from solids. It is stored at 40F, guarding its expressive flavors and rich but soft-sweet finish contributing to the balanced body.

Vineyard Notes

The grapes for this wine are grown in the mountainous Racha Region of West Georgia. The Vineyards are on land plots which have proven the best for this style for centuries. Vines are planted at 2500-2800 feet elevation. Soil is alluvial stony with carbonate bedrock.

Khvanchkara is produced from two indigenous varietals grown together, Aleksandrouli and Mujuretuli. Vines are treated only manual including selective picking my hand when ready for harvest.

Technical Details

Winemaker Lado Uzunashvili (renowned internationally)
Varietal Breakdown: Aleksandrouli 60%, Mujuretuli 40%
ABV 12%
Fermentation Stainless, 5-7 days, natural & inoculated yeast
Sulfur: 23 mg/l free, 124 total
Filtration/Fining sterile filtered in production, membrane before
bottling, no additives - bentonite only
Bottles Produced: 25,000

Royal Khvanchkara - Khvanchkara - Red Semi-sweet 2018
Royal Khvanchkara - Khvanchkara - Red Semi-sweet 2018
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