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Iberieli Cecilia 2021 (Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane) Qvevri Dry Amber (Orange) Wine

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Iberieli Cecilia 2021, Rkatsiteli (50%)-Mtsvane (50%), Dry Amber, Qvevri, ABV 13.5%, 750ml

Made from indigenous Rkatsiteli and Mtsvane grapes grown in the famed Kakheti region of East Georgia. Cecila, named after Zurab Topuridze's grand-daughter, is made according to natural wine making standards using traditional Georgian Qvevri (buried clay vessel). A small amount of must was used, making the wine smooth and round. This amber (‘orange’) wine’s aroma is moderate to high intensity; pine tree, apple, citruses with slight smokiness noticed. Taste is soft exhibiting grapefruit & other citruses. Moderate to long finish.
Serve cool, not chilled, by the glass or pair with
cheese, salads, and light-meat meals.

About the Winery

Iberieli is a family winery with vineyards and production in two locations, Kakheti in
East Georgia and Guria in West Georgia. Winemaking is done on-site in marani
(cluster of qvevris) using traditional heritage production methods. Winemaker
Zurab Topuridze is one of the founding members of Georgia’s Natural Wine
Association and indisputably produces some of the finest natural wines in the

Tasting Notes

Taste of softness, grapefruit, citruses.

Winemaker Notes

All viticulture and winemaking is done under direction of Zurab Topuridze, one of
the Country’s most esteemed natural winemakers. Following hand-harvest in
September, grapes are transported in small baskets, manually crushed and
destemmed, placed in qvevri, fermented for one month, left on skins for 7
months, then aged another 4 months. Malolactic fermentation completes naturally.

Vineyard Notes

he vineyards are in the Teliani Appelation of the famed Kakheti region of East
Georgia. Vines are at ~1600ft on a gentle slopes of sandy clay loam with river
stones (alluvium)
Viticulture is organic in accordance with Georgian Natural Wine

Sandy clay loam with river stones (alluvium), elevation of 480-490m

Organic fertilization.
Copper based contact fungicides and biological fungicides and insecticides (e.g. Bacillus Subtrillis);
Irrigation only if draught.
Trellis, vertical shoot positioning, grown mainly on bilateral cordons or arched canes.
Slope-facing to south-east.

Technical Details

Winemaker(s): Zurab Topuridze
Varietal Breakdown: Rkatsiteli 50%, Mtsvane 50%
ABV: 13.5%
SO2: free 13, total 39mg/L
Fermentation: Qvevri, native yeast
Filtration/Fining: Unfiltered/Unfined
Bottles Produced: 930

Iberieli Cecilia 2021 (Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane) Qvevri Dry Amber (Orange) Wine
Iberieli Cecilia 2021 (Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane) Qvevri Dry Amber (Orange) Wine
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