Qarvani - Anapea Village

Qarvani - Anapea Village - Kisi Amber (Orange) Qvevri Dry Wine 2020

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This wine is made in accordance with Georgia’s ancient winemaking
traditions. Organic farming and fermented in a set of Qvevri’s (aka
Kvevri’s) designed for fermentation and another set of Qvevri’s
designed for aging. Bottled with minimal to no sulfur and no
filtering or fining. Result is clean, concentrated and balanced. 6
months on skins. Dry, deep amber, nose of honey, fruit, nuts. Bold
depth and slight minerality.

About the Winery

Qarvani is a brand of Anapea Village winery imported to the USA exclusively by Ghvinos Wine Group. Anapea Village is a unique and extraordinary Georgian winery focused on indigenous varieties and traditional techniques. Founded in 2013 by Khatia Darguashvili and her husband Gocha, Anapea farms 23 hectares in the Kvareli and Sagarejo (Udabno) area of Kakheti and produces just over four thousand cases annually. Anapea Village Qarvani is a member of Georgia’s Natural Wine Association

Winemaker Notes

Following hand-harvest and de-stemming, grapes are co-fermented on skins using only natural accrued yeast in qvevri for 2 weeks, then 6-7 months on skins and, after, aged for 2 years in qvevri. The finished wine was bottled and aged in bottle for 3 additional months before release.

Vineyard Notes

Grapes are from vineyards in the Kvareli area, nestled in the Caucuses foothills. Vines are planted at 300m (~1000ft) on alluvial soils over sandstone and are dry farmed. Viticulture is organic with biodynamic practices.

Kisi varietal is indigenous to Kakheti. It has an unforgettable aromas and tastes is made both in the European and Georgian traditional manner.

Technical Details

Winemaker(s): Khatia Darguashvili & Luka Chutlashvili
Varietal Breakdown: Kisi (100%)
ABV: 13%
SO2: 12mg/l free, 37 total
Fermentation: Qvevri, skin contact tradition, native yeast
Filtration/Fining: Unfiltered/Unfined
Bottles Produced: 4000

Qarvani - Anapea Village - Kisi Amber (Orange) Qvevri Dry Wine 2020
Qarvani - Anapea Village - Kisi Amber (Orange) Qvevri Dry Wine 2020
Qarvani - Anapea Village - Kisi Amber (Orange) Qvevri Dry Wine 2020
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