Winiveria Saperavi 2019

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Winiveria Saperavi is acclaimed across Europe and Asia, only recently available in the USA.  We are bidding for more supply (and we will win) as Japan, Korea, China, Nordics, and Europe are all increasing demand for supply of Winiveria's "perfect" Saperavi.  Produced using traditional Georgian Qvevri (subterranean clay vessel) fermentation and aging.  It shows deep ruby tints and both aroma and taste of ripe cherry and black currants.  A perfect accompaniment to rich poultry/fowl and grilled steak  Bottled with no processing or filtration.

Serve at 18-20°C (64-68°F)

Classic Method Fermentation and Aging (Stainless Steel)

Hand picked and crushed

Minimal natural sulfur


Technical Details
Vineyard Notes


Winiveria was established in the Alazani Valley by George Piradashvili in 2014 as part of the prestigious Château Mere destination winery and resort complex at the gateway to Georgia’s premier wine region. The winery collaborates with local growers and a nearby cooperative to produce high quality wines made in both traditional Georgian and classical European styles.

Production Notes


Following hand-harvest and crushing, grapes were fermented on skins for one month in qvevri. Aging and stabilization followed for a full year prior to release.

Product Notes


The vineyard is located in the Signahi region of Kakheti in the famed Alazani river valley. Grapes are grown organically at an altitude of 400- 500m (1300-1650ft) on black carbonate soils using organic viticulture practices.

Saperavi (‘saw-per-ah-vee’) is Georgia’s most widely-planted red grape and is an ancient indigenous variety. One of the few teinturier (red skin and flesh) varieties, it is blessed with both high tannin and acidity, and is used to make a wide range of (generally deep dark) red wines. Fresh berry and plum aromas are common, along with smoke and woodsy spice.

    Winiveria Saperavi 2019
    Winiveria Saperavi 2019
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