Natural winemaking may sound like an oxymoron. You might ask, isn’t all wine natural wine?

The answer is no. Simply put, natural winemaking has clearly defined rules as to how the grapes are grown and picked and how they are crafted into wine.

Simplicity At Every Step

First, grapes crafted into natural wine are farmed with minimal intervention, not sprayed with pesticides or herbicides and dry farmed to the greatest extent possible. Grapes are picked by hand, not machines and transported in small baskets, not large trucks.

Only Grapes. Nothing Else

Second, when turning the grapes into wine, natural winemakers do not use additives and rely only on the native yeast on the skins of the grapes from the vineyard rather than adding yeast to control the fermentation.

Natural Winemaking Is An Ancient Tradition

Some people think that natural wine is the latest trendy thing. But the reality is natural wine is the traditional centuries-old way of making wine. The way all other wine is made is relatively new (if you think 100 years is not that old).

There is nothing industrial about natural winemaking and industrial methods cannot achieve or even mimic it. Natural winemaking has been the Georgian tradition for 8000 years.