Unleash the Spirit of the Georgian Sun: Crafting exceptional wines at Vazisubani Estate using ancient Kakhetian grapes and cutting-edge European methods, led by the visionary Lado Uzunashvili. Explore a world where tradition meets innovation, creating exquisite wines that radiate the essence of the region's native varietals.

Vineyards & Varietals

Georgian Sun grapes come from Vazisubani Estate's estate vineyards situated at (a unique) convergence of 2 of Kakheti Valleys premiere appellations; Mukuzani and Vazisubani. The vineyards are bio-dynamic and are maintained using advanced and natural regenerative soil management. The soil is a unique composition of mineral-rich, loamy soil, imbued with ancient river sediments and a touch of limestone. This exceptional terroir imparts a distinct character to our wines, lending them a harmonious balance, vibrant flavors, and a true reflection of this special vineyard.


The Georgian Sun wines are produced solely from the estate vineyards of Vazisubani Estate. The natural winemaking of Georgia encompasses biodynamic farming, regenerative soil management, natural pest control, and avoidance of additives during the winemaking process. The vines and grapes follow the system of "Lutte Raisaonnee" which means "reasoned struggle"

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