The Gurashvili Family Winery has been around for generations. Currently at the helm of the winery is Zura Gurashvili. Gurashvili is located in the village of Tibaani in the Sighnaghi district. They produce high quality amber (skin contact white, aka orange) wines and Saperavi red wines using the traditional low intervention style of Georgian winemaking.

Vineyards & Varietals

The Gurashvili vineyard is located next to a forest on a rolling slope with very fertile and vibrant soil. The taste profile of Gurashvili wines is soft and very pronounced.

Gurashvili Family grows and makes their amber and red wines from several indigenous varietals, including Kisi and Saperavi.


The Gurashvili vineyards adhere to the Georgian traditions of growing their vines using biodynamic farming practices, hand-picking the grapes and qvevri winemaking methods.

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